About Us

Bill Leone, Bookseller is a family-owned business specializing in Modern First Editions. The books we offer have a literary value and are primarily written by living authors who are producing books in today's publishing environment. Additionally, we try to carry late twentieth-century "high spots."

Heavy emphasis is placed on the condition of each book and efforts are made to carry items which have been signed by the author or have some other feature which makes each copy unique. Bill also attends many book signings each month in order to provide his customers with the most recent books.

We always attempt to identify the true first edition of each title (i.e., the country of origin when the book is not first published in the United States), but may also carry the U. S. Edition if it is deemed significant.

Catalogs are issued regularly, with an emphasis on timing. Titles included in catalogs are generally geared to books and authors that are currently being published. In addition, thousands of titles are listed on our website. Click here to try out Advanced Search. We are pleased to offer a 10% discount or more on any order placed directly through our website.

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